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Hello, I am trying to install a new single hard drive to a notebook. I have several drives that work fine in other machines however this particular notebook will only work with drives that have win vista on them. Several other drives with different versions of XP on them get the blue screen of death on boot up. It isn't the capacity of the drives that is at issue as I have tried identical 80 gig drives (one with vista and one with xp installed) and only the vista one boots up. Is there a setting external to the hard drives (BIOS?) that would preclude the booting of a particular OS? Everything is 32 bit. Similarly attempting to install XP to an empty drive on this machine fails (using both professional and home authentic retail versions) whereas installing Vista works fine. Any thoughts?
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  1. Are the notebooks that the drives that contain Windows XP came from have the identical chipset and peripheral devices that the target notebook has? If they don't that explains the BSOD because the hard disk drives that have Windows XP on them don't have the correct device drivers to support the notebook that you are trying to install it into.

    You can't expect to move a hard disk drive from one notebook to another and expect it to boot up without problems unless both the donor and recipient notebooks are identical.

    If you are reinstalling Windows XP on the recipient notebook you will need to get the Windows XP device drivers for the chipset and peripheral devices (yes that includes the mobile graphics chip) that are in that notebook.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply ko888. Problem solved by disabling sata (changing to compatibility mode) in bios. Apols for the newby question. CYA.
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