Replacement CPU has lower voltage than current one, help?

I currently have an AMD Turion MK-36 cpu installed, and am planning on upgrading it to a Turion TL-60. It will fit in my socket s1, and my motherboard says it is compatible with the CPU that I am upgrading to. But, my current cpu uses somewhere around 3v core, whereas the new one uses a much lower 1.075v. My question is, if i put in the new cpu, will the BIOS automatically adjust the voltage, or will it fry the cpu? and if so, how do i set it down to 1.075v? If i change this in the bios, my current cpu would not work, and so if for some reason the new one is broken, i would not be able to put in the old cpu because the BIOS would be set to a lower voltage, and my mobo would be unusable. Is it safe just to pop in the new cpu?

NOTE: Ive never upgraded my cpu before, although i have some experience with other, simpler upgrades like RAM and PCI cards and Hard Drives.
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  1. Yes it should if it recognizes the cpu correctly.
    You got the voltage of your old cpu wrong though it should be 1.15 volts
  2. THANK YOU very much for your quick response, it helped alot! Also, I wonder where I got the voltage on my old CPU being 3v, because it is indeed 1.15. I thought 3v seemed a bit high for a mobile CPU, but I could've sworn I saw that number somewhere... Anyway, thanks alot. Im off to enjoy a dual-core cpu :D
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