Considering OCing (first ever OC)

I am new to OCing but wanted to try it out and a gpu seemed easiest to overclock for a beginner so I overclocked my graphics card, but noticed it made little to no difference or actually made games run worse so I tried using this program that came with my motherboard called Control Panel (MSI) and overclocked my CPU a slight bit (roughly 3001 from about 2900) and noticed a higher framerate which has intrigued me. So now I am wanting to get into overclocking the cpu and I was hoping you guys could give me some help and advice on it. I dunno if it is even worth OCing with my setup but I have listed my rigs details below and I want to know what you guys think. Should I OC or not? and if I should can I get some help and advice.

MSI 870A-G54
AMD Athlon II 635 Propus 2.9 Ghz
Corsair DDR3 RAM 1600 4GB (2x2GB)
OCZ ModXstream 700 watt modular power supply
PNY brand Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 1 GB graphics card
500 GB Seagate Barracuda SATA hard drive
80 GB Seagate Barracude IDE hard drive
Asus dvd rom drive (dunno if you needed to know that just figured might as well)
HEC Blitz case
and my cpu fan is a Zalman CNPS 7500 CU-LED fan which usually keeps my cpu at 41c on idle
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  1. Go on if you consider yourself an enthusiast.

    IMO 10 to 15% oc on our processor would be god. Do more if you feel the need for speed.
  2. The Athlon should overclock quite well just make sure load temps stay below 65C (60C preferred).
  3. Just FYI, the reason your GPU OC didn't show an increase was due to CPU limitations. However, synthetic benchmarks are more prone to CPU limitations than actual gaming. I suggest you actually play games and see what kind of performance you're getting. You can use FRAPS to see your fps in game.

    That said, OCing the CPU will show benefits too and IMO you should go for at least 3.4ghz if not more. Just limit yourself based on maximum allowable voltage by AMD spec, and also load temps have to be within reason. Idle temps don't matter.
  4. Alright guys I appreciate all of the encouragement so far. I remembered that my motherboard had an oc genie so I tried it and got a pretty good performance increase (from 2.9 ghz to 3.43 ghz), and there is an oc dial to raise the fsb. I started messing with it trying to get as much out of it as possible and so far I am at 3.55 ghz 245 mhz bus speed. However I went up a little further than that and got an alarm sound so I clocked back down to 3.55 what was the alarm about I wasn't overheating I was watching my temps. Should I be worried also it is running my ram at less than 1333 and I have 1600 ram is that bad? A few more questions too like my multiplier is at 14.5 should I lower it and raise the bus speed and I also heard that the oc genie tends to overvoltage a bit what should my max voltage be and any recommendations for a good stable voltage? (my cpu vcore is at 1.2 and dram 1.5)
  5. AMD state the maximum CPU voltage is 1.4 and I am surprised its stable at only 1.2 as for the RAM set it to the manufacturers specification and leave it.
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