Will an upgrade benefit me?

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Hi all, I just got red alert 3, game is just OK nothing special. In any case, I tried to run the game at full graphics at 1680x1050. my current system:

ati x1900xt-512mb
2 gigs of ddr2-800
gigabyte mobo- http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128012

I notice some lag and the game will definately not run as fast as it should. I contemplated upgrading my processor to a quad core and ram to maybe 6 gigs (would just buy 2 more dims) but i am not sure whether that would be a "significant" upgrade. is the game lag more video card based? I am not overclocking anything and I suppose I could look into it though I am new to OC-ing so a guide would help. I don't think I need a whole new system cause my mobo can support a quad core and more ram, what do you all think, how much of a boost in performance would I get with a new cpu, vid card or ram?
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  1. Any upgrade you make will help. Most games are not coded for quad cores, so you might save a bit there. Perhaps an E8400.

    Are you using Vista 64-bit? If not, any RAM beyond about 3.2GB will be wasted.

    Certainly a 4850 would be a good card upgrade, and could travel to a future build.
  2. I am just running xp, thinking about vista but waiting till 7. I am not taking advantage of 64 bit yet because I was not under the impression that enough software/drivers, etc were ready to support it. Also I wasn't completely aware of its benefits
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