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1) There is a spreadsheet with columns A-S (A-I is one group of info and J-S is second)
2) A-I has 1254 lines
3) J-S has 14,889 lines
4) Column I and J have numbers 4-6 digits. All the I numbers are contained in the J numbers but there is no consecutive order of numbers and many numbers skipped.
5) Need all the numbers in J to line up with the numbers in I (I are the main numbers concerned about sort order)
6) All columns J-S must stay together after sorting and of course A-I which should be natural.

All the excess numbers can be expunged after. A solution would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. don't sort, create new columns J-S elswehere using I as an index, use Vlookups to do the creation. You may need to remove duplicates, which is easy in 2010, as there is a menu item to de-dupe.

    If you can PM me with an email addy, i'll respond and if you can send me 2-3 lines of data I'll send it back with an example.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am beginning to learn vlookup's. Be well!
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