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From googling and research, I'm pretty sure that core temp is supposed to be higher than cpu temps.
I plan on overclocking an athlon x4 630, but I can't seem to make out what temperature to base my overclock on.

Im using a hyper 212 plus with antec 300 illusion case

Everest temp results (non overclocked with stock voltage)


CPU #1/CORE #1 = 34 C
CPU #2/CORE #2 = 34 C
CPU #3/CORE #3 = 34 C
CPU #4/CORE #5 = 34 C

AUX TEMP = 42 C (could this be my core or actual cpu?)

Also, using CoreTemp gives me 34 C

So which temperature should I go with, the cpu or the aux?
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  1. My CPU temps are 7C higher than core when idle and 10C under full load. AUX could be anything but looks right for the CPU. Try HWmonitor it seems to pick up twice as many temps as anything else on my PC and also records high & low. For over clocking go with the CPU temp not the core temp if you can find which it is.
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