4870x2 vs 4850 trifire

I return to Tom's vast pool of knowledge for another conundrum. I'm about to put together a meaty i7 build, and was trying to figure out the optimum GFX solution for my budget. These are my options:
4850 trifire

(EDIT: Also REALLY important anyone know any issues about the 9800GTX tri-sli, cause it looks amazing, same price as the 4850 trifire)

Before people start saying well 295 is better or the 4870x2 is better etc., I need to inform people that I live in the UK where the price for the 295 is 100 pounds more (~$150) than a 4870x2 (330 pounds) and the 4850 trifire solution is about 336 pounds.

Read a few benchmarks, which sometimes showed the 4850s scale really well beating both 295 and x2, while on average it just beats the x2. Here is anadtech's article of 3 solution set ups: http://anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3518&p=10

People always say, get the card which performs well with the games you like: sadly the article does not cover any RTS games and the the 4850 trifire doesn't perform great in Crysis (which I have officially given up on as I saw an i7 with x2 rig dying trying to run that even on 1280 with full settings, and it really didn't look THAT great). Also, I've only got an HD Tv so the most resolution I can get is 1080i.

Please give your advice and recommendations.

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. For a 1920x1080 resolution (1080p), a 4870x2 should be more than enough; even a single 4870 would be "decent" at that resolution.

    How much would a 4850X2 cost you? Maybe you could get that and, if you need more juice, add a 4850 later on.
  2. HDTV is 1080p like zenthar said, unless you skimped and got a 1366x768 (720p/1080i)

    4850 X2's are only £245 if you go for the 1GB version and they beat the GTX 285 just but you'll save £85 towards bills/ram etc.
  3. Thanks guys, yeah, my TV isn't 1080p, so I guess I'll end up playing at 720p, the thing is that the 4850 tri-fire is so tempting as its 226, not 245 in cf and 339 instead of 330-350 in tri fire compared to the 4870x2. I know everyone always you don't need it, but come on, to play game maxed out at even that resolution and get decent frames you do need a similar set up. Moreover, I wont be able to add anything on to this build as its a one time job for someone, so going for max bang for the buck. I really wanted the 295, but its mad how expensive they are and based on the anandtech article, the tri-fire beats the 295 (just) on average at 1680 resolution. And even though games today will be fine with this set up, come Christmas time want to be able to handle what comes then and beyond. The main reason why I want advice is if there are other problems that I should know off. I'm going to save money by switching to a Gigabyte UD5 instead of the Asus P6t, as the former will allow for tri-sli. But the UD5 doesn't support full x16 on three lanes, will this pull down overall performance or do you reckon the cards aren't going to need full x16 anyway?
  4. By the way I thought HDTVs that were 1080i were 1920x1080 but just refreshed slower?
  5. Just also wanted to emphasize the 4850 vs 9800gtx+ aspect. I really like ATI, but keep hearing scary things about their drivers, which is why I am tempted to go with Nvidia. To be honest I really wanted the 295, but since its crazily priced and they make nothing else nearly as competitively priced below it (i.e. 260, 280, 285). The combo of good/quick driver updates and power of a tri-sli 9800gtx+ is really tempting. Either that or the 4870x2, since the 4850s are great but the cheap cards don't have great heat dissipation.
  6. old old old post but reviving fro info, 1080i is essentially 1920x540 per frame, a single frame is:


    Where each line (scan-line) belongs to a a different frame. this technique uses the same bandwidth as 1080P30 but at a 60fps refresh rate (perceived)
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