Asus Rampage II Extreme Northbridge (NB) temperatures

I haven't actually got an Asus Rampage II Extreme yet, however, I wondered if anyone out there who *has* experience high Northbridge (NB) temperatures, either at idle or full load when overclocking?

I will have Panaflo 120x38mm 86 CFM fan blowing air over video card/NB area from the front of the case, but don't want to fiddle with the board, i.e. re-applying TIM on the stock heatsink, installing a third party heatsink, etc.

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  1. well i got the same board and my current temperature readings are: CPU- 37C on idle under load 42C to 44C.
    N.B 46C TO 47C on idle under load 49C to 50C.
    S.B 46C TO 47C on idle under load 49C TO 50C. but what i want u to know is dont be afraid from these numbers cz in summer time these temperature are normal if ur not using a water cooling system but u can reduce it by turning ur room A.C on when ur working on ur p.c plus these temperatures are not 100% accurate cz u cant trust the P.C PROBE or a the AI SUITE to give the right readings u can use the ASUS Probelt by plugin the small wires next to the joystick toggle and u can monitor it by a volt meter hope i did help u mate t.c bye bye.
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