Cheap card for 1650x1050

Hi guys.

I am looking for a cheap card (ATi 2XXX or 3XXX) that can run 1650x1050.

I tried looking at the ASUS/Club3d/etc. homepages but I found only the max. resolution.

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  1. Budget? The rest of your PC? Gaming and if so which games? Overclocking?
  2. Around the $200 mark, the best cards are:
    1. HD4870 $200
    2. HD4850 $150

    Cheaper cards:
    1. HD 4650 $66
    2. HD 4670 $79
    3. HD 3870 $91

    if you are at all considering Nvidia:
    1. GTX260 $200
    2. 9800GTX $150

    Just a couple of suggestions
  3. HD 4830
  4. +1 on the 4830
  5. Forgot to mention that its for AGP (not PCIE).
    And by cheap I mean a card that is capable of smoothly running HD videos. Don't play games, so I don't really need the performance (and extra noise).
  6. HD3850 the best AGP card around. After that it is all PCIe
  7. You may consider a finding used 2600XT over the 3850 simply becasuse your processor will probably prevent the 3850 from giving you a performance increase over what the 2600XT will give you. Personally I wouldn't waste a lot of money on an AGP system but Newegg has the 3850 AGP for a $99- $120. I also would avoid the Powercolor card due to potential problems.
  8. -1. There is no problem with Powercolor whatsoever
  9. I am happy for both of you. My experience was much different albeit, with only one model, the 4870 1gb PCS+! After 3 seperate premium priced cards and how they changed design and then downgraded its clocks after reviews, I feel Powercolor has problems.
  10. +2 on the 2600 XT. No need to spend a bunch of money if all your doing in playing video.
  11. Quote:
    Powercolor is fine. As peaks said 3850 is the best you can get in agp, but there outrageously expensive. You can get a HD4850 pci-e for $10 more than the HD3850 agp.

    PowerColor makes a decent card, although they have the fan run at 100% on some models like my PCIe HD 3850. Since all you are doing is playing back HD video, both the 2600 XT and the HD 3850 have a roughly similar onboard video decoder (UVD/UVD+) and support HDMI + audio. I would go with the less-expensive 2600 XT in that case.
  12. +1 2600 XT...didn't think about the fact you wont be playing games
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