A question on RAM choice and compatability

Anyone have any opinion on which RAM would be best? I want to play FO3, Oblivion, Bioshock, Mass Effect etc. on good settings on a 21 inch screen. Does it really matter between the RAM?

I can't find my motherboard on the OCZ compatibility checker so I'm worried.

Here is my motherboard:

Here is my first choice but I'm not sure my mobo will do 1600

A downgrade but still ok?

(The heat sinks look HUGE, worries me)

Which is more important Speed or CAS timing or what?


I am using a Phenom II 945 and a gfx 275.

Thank You,
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  1. Amazon.com has ocz gold tripple 3x2gb 10666 1333 ddr3 for $67.09 shipped, which will give you a spare stick in case one goes bad. Of the 2 above, the crucial at $63 will run fine.
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