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Hi guys

I ordered OCZ vertex 2 120gb last week and its expected delivery date is August 10.
The reason why I got it is because I was able to get it $212 us dollar after several rebates and I think it was great deal.

My current set up is:

Core i5 750
g.skill 4gb 12800 9-9-9-25
Seagate Baracuda 1.5tb 7200rpm
Nzxt Lexa S
OCZ StealthXstream 700w
PNY gts 250 1gb
Asus p7p55-m mainboard
I-inc 25-inch 1920x1080 monitor.

My concern is that after I placed the order I saw some articles about Intel ssd G3 will be released in october.
I have up to $400 budget if I refuse the shipment on August 10 to spend upgrading.
Should I refuse it and spend on other component? like gtx 460? other psu?(this psu if freaking loud.)
or, wait for intel g3 to come out?
Most of the time I use computer to play Starcraft II and Bad Company 2.
Please give me an advice.

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  1. I would get the OCZ vertex now, and with the extra 200$ i would get a gtx 460 in october.
  2. That Ocz ssd is one of the highest rated drives on the market as of this moment.I would go with the drive.Also if you can get it for that price then it would be awesome to add the GTX 460.You will see a definitive difference over your 250.The cool thing about the GtX 460 is on New Egg there are a whole line of new cards.You should definately get one with a good cooling solution.Especially if you are like me and have long gaming sessions.See, the thing about SSDs are once you have one,it is hard to notice the difference in speeds for different drives,unless you are benchmarking,then you know what you are looking for.But simplistic gaming would appreciate the OCZ drive,and your os will be happy enough to thank you.
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