How to make wired and wireless lan connection work simultaneosly ??

Hi :hello:
I have an hp laptop (6710b) and a desktop , my laptop has both wired and wireless connections, :bounce:

I want to use my laptop wireless connection to connect to the internet ,and the lan connection to connect to my desktop at an same time. :sol:

The problem is
when I plug my lan wire into laptop , my laptop wireless connection stops working ( a red cross over the computer sign in the taskbar) . :cry:

what should I do to prevent this from happning i am on win xp sp3 ?
shd i need to change some policy kind of stuff ....... ??

Thanks in advance :pt1cable:
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  1. Is the laptop connected directly to the desktop through a crossover cable or are you using a hub? Having a complete picture of your network would help a lot.
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