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I had 2 300gb Discs in Raid 0, And then my raid setup was missing and it was saying i had OS, during tho boot up it reported my HD's though, I installed windows on another hard drive and under My Computer there was no HArddrive at all. I took the HD's out of RAID and Disk Managment said 1 of them was Unallocated.

Well like a jack@$$ instead of researching first i saw the Unallocated and Initialized it. Then did a quick google search and was unhappy when i saw that wasnt the best idea. Still haven't found a sure sure awnser that im SOL so i thought i'd try on here.

any help?
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  1. Well I think it is unlikely that you will recover data off that RAID. It is a little hard to know what exactly happened to the RAID as your description could use some work. I suspect taking Hard Drives out of a RAID using another OS setup and then initializing one of them will be fatal to the array. Before you put them back into an array, you should test the drives at a hardware level and make sure that the RAID did not fail because of a faulty drive. The manufacturers often have software on their website for the purposes of diagnositics.
  2. the drives are fine, like i said it reads both of them, and when i have them configured during start up it says they are good to go, then bam! windows is missing files. I'm not sure what happened i would really like the data but i guess its a lessoned learned that was the first time i had tried raid and the last... it took about a month
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