4870 HDMI issues with Vista

I just built an HTPC wiith Vista64 SP1 and am having a problem. I have a DFI LanParty X58-T3H6 motherboard and a VisionTek Radeon HD 4870 Video card with HD audio. I have an HDMI cable going to my Sony AV receiver and all I get is Stereo Audio. The subwoofer never comes out of standby nor does the AV receiver indicate anything but a stereo input.

I have the RealTek HDMI audio device installed and it says it is working properly under Device Manager. Under properties all that is offered is Stereo speakers. Surround Sound is shown as an option but it is grayed out and not selectable. All drivers are up to date as of two days ago, and I have the on-board sound of the motherboard disabled in its BIOS.

Other HDMI devices, such as my XBOX 360, do surround sound through the Sony AV receiver when plugged intot he same HDMI port the HT PC is using on the Sony Receiver.

VisionTek support told me to install the HDMI RealTek driver, but that's all the help they've been able to give me thus far.

If anyone has some additional insight on this, it would be most appreciated!

Thank you!
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  1. seems like no one has seen anything like this, and Visiontek has not replied to my emails in days......sigh
  2. go to sound properties and change from desktop speakers to 5.1, don't know if this will help but its worth a try
  3. rangers said:
    go to sound properties and change from desktop speakers to 5.1, don't know if this will help but its worth a try

    Ah...if it were that easy! Only Stereo is shown, with Surround Speakers grayed out and not selectable. Thanks much for the reply though!
  4. go to realtek hd audio manager >> click the sound effects tab >> set the environment to "room"

    on the sound properties located in the control panel. select speakers > properties > click on the enhancement tab > scroll down and put a check on the speaker fill and room correction checkboxes.

    hope this helps.

    note: do this steps while playing a movie or an mp3 and see if the subwoofer comes to life. there are other environment settings on the realtek hd manager that uses a sub, there others that dont.
  5. heres how my realtek hd config looks like:

    i really would wanna help you out on this. i had the same issue before and i ended up uninstalling vista before i got to know this workaround. i dont use a receiver and hdmi audio btw, but this is the only way i was able to do non-stereo sound on vista.
  6. I fixed this last night. My RealTek properties were only showing left and right speakers as was Vista's control panel.

    While I had previously uninstalled the VisionTek and RealTek drivers and then reinstalled them, which did not work, I did something different last night.

    I uninstalled both drivers, went to AMD's website and downloaded their version for the HD 4870. Not only did it fix my audio problem, but my 3DMark score went from 15,200 to 16,000!

    It is most excellent to have the problem fixed, and I thank you and those others who offered to help.
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