Will this liquid cooling plan work????

does anyone see any flaws in this design, or any advice or improvements?

im open to any and all suggestions!

thank you!
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  1. Thats a huge loop on just one pump man, you'll probably have major pressure loss, (plus stripping it all an cleaning it out every six months would annoy you to hell hehe
    Im leaning to the Cpu and maybe chipset off one line, and a seperate one altogether for the gfx cards,
    or if you insist on that loop, another pump between the rad and 1st card, then another rad after the gfx cards,
    Just my humble tho,
  2. would it be adviseable to just use 2x 760i systems entirely?
  3. I would say so,

    Maybe have a bigger res and the two pumps both feeding off it?

    Others may vary on advice, but I'm sure that all will agree the original set up isn't feasible for trying to cool that Rig :)
  4. well if im going to split the loops then i want 2 fully independent loops. so 2 separate systems. and it just seems like that the 2 760i systems would cool it effectively then

    also, do slave cards in sli put off less or just as much heat as the master card?
  5. Good choice on the two sep. loops, the dual res was just a mod I thought up to save space for you
    I'm afraid I couldnt help much on the heat generation Q, I would hazard a guess that if all the cards are running at the same speeds, they're all putting out the same heat,
  6. also are there any suggestions on cooling the mosfet on the 780i since its integrated with the chipset cooler and im replacing that with a waterblock?
  7. I cant think of anything atm sorry, someone else might pop in later, I just finished a nightshift in uk :)
    Good luck with it tho man, Ill check back later
  8. You're probably looking at around 550-600 watts of heat that would need to be dissipated.
    A single TT system trying to push thru 2 rads and 5 blocks would choke and die, probably pretty quickly.
    Two little TT cooling systems with thier 120mm rads aren't going to cut it either, and the case in your sig wouldn't provide enough space for them anyway.
    Spend some time reading.
  9. I see the problem: it says ThermalTake Bigwater.

    That being said, please spend some time reading through some other 'is this a good WC setup' posts and the usual stickies. If the box is pretty, put it back on the shelf.
  10. ive read mixed reviews about these thermaltake systems.

    now this is going to be my first liquid experience ever, i dont really feel comfortable mishmashing parts together and hoping it works. ive got 2 of these off of a friend (thermaltake systems) and i figured just as a beginning experience that id mess with these until i feel comfortable with liquid cooling and putting one together my self. on that note,

    would a 3rd rad somewhere help though? and if so where would i put it logically?

    EDIT: also i would like to try and keep the entire thing internal
  11. You are going to need a lot more radiator surface area than those two little 120mm rads. Those 2 radiators would (maybe) be enough to cool the CPU alone. If you want to cool 3x SLI, you are going to need at least 2 2x120 rads, if not 2 3x120 rads. We call those 220's and 320's in most circles. I understand that you 'got these from a buddy', but seriously, you can probably only cool the CPU with what you have there. Once you start incorporating those 3 GPU's, you are needing to remove a lot more heat...more than quadrupling the amount of heat watts dumped into your intended loop.

    Edit: take the chipset out of your loop.

  12. okay here is the revised idea..
  13. Take the chipset block out.

    You will still need more radiator for the CPU (assuming the one you have shown is the 1x120mm). You'll need at least a 220 for that CPU.

    I also have a sneaking suspicion that those TT pumps won't give enough flow to really help how you need it.
  14. according to specs theyre supposed to be 500L/hr i believe
  15. but both thoes TT units also have 1 120 each so that cpu loop would have 2x 120's
  16. Good luck with that...hopefully it works for what you are trying to accomplish.
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