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Hey i was on the ATI web site and i saw a graphic booster. check it out at

I have a ATI radeon HD 3200 card with 4GB of RAM and wanted to know if their is anything out there to boost it so that i could run more demanding games.
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  1. Buy a better card? Seriously, a 3200 simply isn't meant for gaming, and your best bet would be a new card.
  2. i forgot to mention that my HD 3200 is in a laptop.
  3. THat thing you could use for boosting...
  4. you pay for what you get
    dont expect miracles out of your 3200 now
  5. The external XGP is for Fujitsu laptops only at this time, and yes it would be a huge boost if it were possible to add to your PC, but if yours isn't a specific Fujitsu with the XGP slot, you can't do it.

    The best you could do is get and external 1X PCIe solution like the ViDock, and while it would be a bit of a boost in performance, it makes much more sense to sell your laptop and buy a better one with better graphics, or even just a desktop for your graphics intensive things.
  6. TRUE , if your planning to purchase a laptop and your also planning ot do an upgrade.. then better invest for a better one... graphic cards and processors cannot be upgraded on laptops only its RAM...
  7. your hd3200 is not upgradeable, forget it. you either need to buy a new $2000 laptop, or do what any normal person would do and build a proper desktop gaming pc.
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