Overclock help amd 945

hi im new to computers and i really want to overclock my cpu to maybe the spec of 965 cpu at 3.4ghz...can some please help me out so i can learn how to overclock.

system specs:
amd phenom 2 x4 945 3.0ghz
msi 790x-g45 mobo
4gig ddr3 kingston hyper x ram
coolermaster v8 heatsink
ati 5850 gpu
razer barracuda ac-1 soundcard
corsair tx650 watt psu
coolermaster storm scout case

i read a lot on it but its kind of confusing because others are using different cpu's and mobo's....please be patient with me im new at this and i really want to learn...any help would be appreciated....thanks
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  1. read the sticky its really helpful
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