Memory card not detected how to recover data

pls help me. i want atleast my pics from MMC ( Nokia N72). If any one knows how to recover pls tell me,its very important for me.................
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  1. Recuva. Will take some time to scan. just be patient ad run it.

    Don't put nothing on that card now or your data will be erased.
  2. If the memory card can't be detected, it's impossible to recover the data in it. Don't know if you have tried your memory card in other devices such as digital camera or PC. Just plug your memory card in those listed devices, see if it can be detected. If yes, as to the lost photo data, I think you can rely on this picture recovery too called Wondershare Photo Recovery to recover photos lost. Or refer this article talking about 3 ways to recover deleted pictures from memory card for more info. If all in all the memory card is unable to be recognized, Your memory card may be corrupted, the only way to recover your picture data is to send it to a computer shop or for data recovery services.
  3. i cant detect my memory card from any device can i get access memory to the card again or is totally spoilt
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