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Hi, let me start this nightmare story i had just done a fresh restalled and spent hours on getting everything installed on pc all was fine working perfectly untill that is i installed vista service pack 1 from windows updates the update process crashed halfway through so i had the only option to restart my pc then came the blue screen of death and it metioned if you have any new hardware installed make sure all drivers are installed etc etc of course i know it wasnt hardware it was because of me restating my pc half way threw the service pack 1 and the full files not been installed threw the update process crashed was the reason for the blue screen but the blue screen had notes advising me to clear shadow memory in the bois and any other memory so i stupidly assumed this was channel mapping and bank mapping and put them all to zero please see jpeg of what i changed i basically disabled everything that was enabled and put all the mapping channels and bank channels to zero and now when i switch on my laptop i get a blank screen with no post no beeps and no bios no f1 or f2 or f10 keys access none just the cpu fan spinning so my question is have i really messed up my bios or can it be fixed all i get is a black screen no beeps and the cpu fan just spinning and all three lights on power this is on a laptop now have i stupidly corrupted my bios myself and can it be fixed also how do i get windows working normally again i can not use safe mode or last good configuration or any option when you hit f8 because it just goes back to the blue screen of death and even can not use recovery console to start fresh same blue screen please help i dont even know how to get my operating system back as i have no cd it is oem version came with computer please advise thanks but first neecd to get to bios without that i wont even get to the blue screen part please help this is the jpg for settings i changed
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  1. Leave your system off. Remove the motherboard battery for a few seconds to reset the bios. Use another computer to order a dell oem vista business dvd from 9software for $9.99. It may work with your old vista coa sticker number. Otherwise, you're going to have to borrow someone else's vista dvd and install using it. I have a regular dell vista dvd, and it works with my old vista coa number with a non dell motherboard.
  2. thanks for reply i was afraid that what you was going to say if take apart the laptop and i dont know what i am doing when it comes to take apart laptops and look for the battery is this what you are saying to do right??

    Also with regards to buying vista oem for $9.99 dollers does that mean what you are saying is i have lost all my other files documents from before please help thanks

    ps its a packard bell And not a dell will it still work? And i just wanted to ask you i have a friend who has vista but a different edition he has premium i have got basic can i not make a recovery cd from his computer to get mine going again? thanks
  3. is there another way i was hoping to not have to open the laptop up as its very tricky thing to do
  4. Forget the bios and battery for now. Try the dvd restore first. Make sure it matches your windows version. You can try the service pack 2 option, or skip both service packs if your system works without them. The dell cd should work on your hewlett packard system if both operating systems are the same version. Search for a regular restore dvd. All I could find was the business version. Someone may have the regular dell restore dvd, especially on ebay. Buy ebay will cost more, due to shipping for many venders.
  5. hi o1die is it possible to still run the vista cd with the bios dead its black screen just fan spinning can you do this?
  6. Probably not. I suggest you take it to a laptop speciality shop, or at least get a quote. They will probably look at it for $40-50. Once you get it open, resetting the bios chip takes about 1 minute using either the battery removal or cmos jumper methods. But first do an internet search on servicing packard bell laptops. Some are easy to open. I don't know which model number you have; you should do the work anyway since you screwed up. It's a learning experience; the more research you do the more you will learn.
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