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Dear Hardware enthousiast,

My brother who is currently in Bangkok (bangladesh), is telling me that the Videocards there are cheap and he wants to buy 1 or 2 for our old systems. So that he can enjoy starcraft 2 better when it comes out. (instead of very low,we can put the game to low qualty).

So for half a day i've been looking for what current Videocard would be best with our old Computers, and still not overpower them. And because there so old its hard to find good info on the new current gen video cards connected to our old computers.

So the 1 computer (1) is a Pentium 4 3,0 Ghz with 1024 MB and a 6600 GT 256 mb (AGP) Windows XP
And the 2nd Computer (2) is a AMD x64 +3700 (2,2 ghz) also with 1024 MB and a 6600 GT 256 MB (pci-e) Windows xp

So for Comp 1 i told him the best Video would be a HD3650 and Comp 2 a 8600 gts, but i would like to know what you guys and girls think. Maybe we shouldnt get a new card at all or shoud a lesser card be good enough or get 1 better?

I also told him that, that maybe we should go for another 1024 MB memory just in case. Or will this also be to much of the same?

Thankx in advance, and apoligies for my crappy english)
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  1. Welcome to the Forum and your English is fine:)
    Get the extra memory! Both systems will benefit for more RAM, just make sure the right type is bought.
    I think you are right on both systems, the 3650 and 8600GTS would both be good upgrades from your current 6600GT cards and would not need any extra power.
    The next most powerful cards (HD3850 and 9600GSO/9600GT) might need you to upgrade the power supplies on you systems and I will not recommend them for that reason.
  2. HD4650/70 would work for the second system. Is better than 8600gts
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