PC only recognizing 128MB of GF 9500GT

I just received my new NVIDIA GEFORCE 9500GT (DDR2 version) in the mail which I ordered from hong kong on ebay. It was not in the box bust still in the chrome wrapper. I replaced the original 7900gs which was giving me problems. After installation I checked my windows system score for graphics and it WENT DOWN!! I went into the NVIDIA control panel and clicked system info, and it was saying that the card was a Nvidia Geforce 9500M GS with 128MB DDR2, which is a notebook card...mind you this is a dell xps 410 i put it in. PassMark's Performance check said it was an Nvidia 9500GT but only 128MB DDR2. I guess that is the reason my performance score went down. It has a small sticker on the bottom of the card that says "NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT 512MB DDR2". To add to the confusion the hardware manager says its a 9500gt and running correctly. This whole thing is confusing me. Is my PC just confused as to what is really there?? :o I am running the windows 7 beta right now. My question is do I need to send this thng back and buy one here in the U.S.or blame the beta for this mishap? I think it is the card because it doesnt look like any i have seen on the internet, the fan assembly is very large and has a VGA and a DVI instead of 2 DVI's. I will post a picture of it when I get home.
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  1. The "GeForce 9500GT" beside my old 7900GS

  2. even if all of the memory is there, I dont think 9500GT is going to be much of an upgrade from 7900gs...

    anyhow download GPU-Z

    can you remove the shroud to see how many memory chips the new card actually has?
  3. im sure I could, What would I need to look for to be sure it has the 512MB??

    ps: I went with the 9500GT becuase it was cheap and the 7900GS was messed up so i needed a replacement.
  4. heres GPU-Z results:

  5. The gpu is a modile part (G84 M). Also the memory width is just 64bit. Either you didnt read the specs right on the site or you got ripped off. Return it if you can and buy a proper one from newegg or such. An ati HD4670 or nv 9600GT is a better buy though.
  6. just saw this too: the gpu just has 16 shaders, it should be 32 on the 9500. that card looks alot like the old 8500, which has 16 shaders, but even that had a 128bit bus. Performance wise -> 7600GS = 8500GT/9400GT and 7900 = 8600GT/9500GT
  7. well im gonna email the company and tell them whats up and hopefully I can get a refund. I am going to put the SN in Nvidia's site and see what it says. heres the link to the ebay page I bought it from, Becuase if you are right I definately didnt get what I paid for...
  8. i saw the site, specs on it looks about right for a 9500. gpu-z is almost never wrong, even if a card is not supported, it will give most specs correctly. you could try lavalys everest ultimate and see if the results corresponds to gpuz. hope you get everything sorted..
  9. man i have the same GPU... :fou:
    and i am running this *** for one year.... :na:
    i dont think i will get any replacement.... :cry:
    mine is Ge force 9500GT 1GB ddr3 , and in GUP z it shows memory size 128MB...what the is that...???
    bus width is 64 bit
  10. blackwidow can my 9500gt work 1GB..???
    what i have to do for get it working 1GB..?
    should i upgrade my system..?
    i have core2duo 2.4Ghz
    1GB ddr2 ram....
    O.S windows XP sp3
  11. my brother i have seen your post on nvidia fourms also... :D
    m also pissed of with this card......add me guys my id is
    on facebook and on yahoo msnger
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