How Come Turbo Boost on my Intel core i5 750 doesnt work past 2.8ghz?

So my Intel core i5 750 operates at 2.67ghz normal factory settings, when i enable turbo boost how come my turbo boost tech monitor from intel only shows it at 2.8ghz? like it only goes from 2.67 to 2.8 ghz and then drops when im not running anything, what im saying is that the turbo boost is only working to 2.8ghz and not what it should be at, i have a very good cpu cooler and not much running, i also read that turbo boost uses my cpu multiplier to up the frequency of the cpu, but i tryed to up it myself in the bios and the cpu ratio goes from "Auto" and "0 to 21", i read that turbo boost uses 24-26 ratio and my mobo only lets me manually go from 0-21, how come my mobo is only showing 21 as the multiplier Highest? i have a Asus P7P55LE Mobo and im curious what setting could be only letting me go to 21 multiplier on my cpu, thanks
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  1. i assume those are unlocked cpu multipliers getting higher than 21x? my cousin dave has a i5 650 and is able to change his multiplier from 0-26x (which is the sweet spot im wanting my turbo boost to hit) in the bios, how come mine only works to 21x...?
  2. Those are 2 very different processors.

    A i5 - 650 is a dual core and as a higher multiplier

    A i5-750 is a quad core and they limited the multiplier to 21.

    Nothing wrong with your cpu/motherboard. Those are the specs for those 2 cpu's
  3. Thanks, I was able to get Turbo boost working after a hour of sweaty work in my room along with a few windows 7 corrupt bootmanager errors, all fixed now, Now what I did was Enable Speedstep, C1E, Load Line Calibration, Cpu Spread Spectrum, Downlocked my Factory ram from 1333mhz to 1066mhz (at 1333mhz the computer doesnt boot :(, ive changed the timings to 7-7-7-20 as rated by manufacturer and changed my TFRC to 76 but still no boot) so im still messing with it and btw my TURBO BOOST ONLY GOES TO 3.1Ghz not 3.2ghz like it is rated and the multiplier goes past 21 btw according to core temp :D, now it wont go to 3.2ghz but as i said i can overclock my pc to 3.5ghz without voltage increase :), good thing i like about turbo boost is that the power is there when i need it, when my pc Idles its at 18-24C @ 1.2ghz cant get better than that :D
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