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Installing Win 7 on a home computer

I'm getting ready to upgrade my family's home computer - new MB, processor, RAM, HD, and probably video card. It's been about two years since the last "gutting".

I'm currently running Windows XP SP3, and will either install VIsta Ultimate (which I already have), or download the Win 7 RC for the new install.

Hence my question:

This computer gets used ALOT - my kids are on it, using the internet, my daughter does quite a bit of video and audio editing. I use it for work, both working on it, and logging into my workstation at the office via Remote Desktop Connection. My wife has a separate laptop, that only communicates with the desktop machine occasionally on the wireless network in the house. My scanner is about five years old, but printers are fairly new.

Any problems with installing Win 7 in this kind of environment?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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  1. Install it and give it try with your hardware, some scanners and printers are older and may not have Vista drivers posted on the product pages for download. Vista drivers generally work on Windows 7 at this point. It's old hardware that may not cooperate due to poor driver or no driver support with Vista, or in your case Wincows 7. Not M$'s fault your printer company doesn't provide a decent Vista driver or in some case no driver at all

    I have had the original Windows BETA 7 running since the day of release. Now Windows 7 RC is up and running nearly an entire day now since it's release last night. Currently have Windows7 RC running on a socket 939 NF4 with a a single core AMD 4000 San Diego at 2.5 or so. I'm thinking of buying an SSD drive and dual booting it on a decent fast machine and learning how to use to my best advantage for when the initial retail release is on the shelves. The RC version of Windows is nice and fast so far. And on an old, slow by today's standars machine. It's always easy to simply load up Vista or XP if you decide Windows 7 RC is not what you wanted currently.
  2. Thanks Badge.

    Do you know whether Win 7 has an equivalent to the Vista "Windows Easy Transfer" on the install image?
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    Answered my own question with a quick search. MS has specific instructions:
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