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Today i got myself another videocard; a new 9800gtx+. I had a normal 9800gtx in my computer to begin with.

Anyways; when i try the new card alone it works, when I try the old card alone it works, but when i try to run them both in SLi, I don't get that option. I can't find "enable SLi" options in the Nvidia controllpanel.
I get "two" cards in GPU-Z, but one is called "Standard VGA-graphics card" (new card) and the other is called Nvidia 9800GTX/9800GTX+" (old card).

I have the latest drivers, I have connected them both to a x16 PCI-E slot, and I have a SLi-brigde between them. Any idea what's wrong? I run 64-bit Vista Home Premium on a Asus Striker Extreme board.
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  1. You cannot use SLI with two different models.
  2. It's the same GPU, the only diffrence is the size of the dye. GTX is 65nm and GTX+ is 55nm. I
  3. This works. I had the exact same setup before I purchased a 260 last week. I also had the same problem when I initially installed the second card. When I first brought the new card home I pulled out my old card to test the new in single card state. It performed as expected so I put my old card in the second slot and reset cmos. At first it wouldn’t even boot which was odd. After a few cmos resets it finally booted. When I got to the desktop it would not give me the option to run in SLI despite GPUZ detecting both cards. This confused me so i took out the new and put my old 9800 in the 1st pcie slot and ran it with success. I then put the new card in the 2nd slot, installed drivers, rebooted and the first thing I noticed at the bottom right was “SLI Capable System" SUCCESS!! Even though it worked I was still saying FTW so I reversed the cards again and experienced the same problem. It's odd and makes no sense but positioning my old card in the 1st slot allowed me to run both cards in SLI. I don't know if will work for you but it's worth a try to switch them around.

    BTW my 3dmark score went up by 4k points with the addition of the 2nd card. The difference in COD4 and Crysis was substantial.

    Good Luck !!
  4. Thanks for the anser! I have my first card in the number one slot and the new in number three slot. Just to see if GPU-Z would recognize my new card, I took off the SLI-brigde. The really wierd thing is; that now, SLi is detected, and it says i'm running SLi(???). I'm going to run 3Dmark 06 now to check.

    Wish me luck. Will report back after the test
  5. you will need to remove your current drivers, and then re-install them.
    The GTX and GTX+ should work just fine in sli.
    because I plan on adding a GTX+ to my GTX in sli fairly soon my self.
  6. trying now
  7. Hurray, it works!

    I ran 3DMark 06, and i got about 16 000 points. I had 13 600 points without SLi. I expected a bigger increase, but is this all I can expect from a second card?
  8. My score goes from 14600 to 16521 with my SLI.

    But now i can MAX OUT CODwaw, FULL AA and everything is maxed @ 1650x1080.
    Crysis is really nice qith 4x AA on high settings.
    GTA4 dont support SLI atm ... so ... its like having 1 card.

    IM pretty enjoyed with my SLI. but soe game dont support it .. !
  9. So it's detecting SLI capability without the SLI bridge on?

    In regards to your score, it depends on what CPU you are running. Before I purchased my GTX260 I ran 3dmark 06 with my E8400 @ 4.0 with 9800GTX SLI and scored 19800. Prior to the addtition of the new card I was in the high 15’s The increase you experienced sounds about right. Do not let that discourage you though. This is simply a synthetic test which is very much CPU dependant. The performance here isn’t necessarily synonymous with real time game performance. Up your CPU speed and you will see a jump in the score. To fully appreciate your SLI system go try some COD or ( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ) Crysis
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