Intel x58 with Intel i7 processor

Which intel DX58 motherboard would best work with the Intel i7 920 processor? I'm possibly looking to build a gaming PC for running Crysis on very high settings.
Also what video card would be best with the Intel DX58 motherboard and the i7 920 processor? I've never built a computer on my own or even watched someone else do it, is it very difficult?
Thanks for the insight guys!
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  1. Essentially any X58 Socket 1366 MB will do, though there are more premium boards out there that do seem to be constructed better, with respect to cooling etc... and a powerful gaming rig WILL generate significant heat! I think your choice will be influenced by things like: How many graphics cards you want to plug in it... you did say you wanted to play Crysis on high after all! :)

    Also I would suggest if you are a complete novice to PC building you do not attempt without at least some experienced supervision. Not saying it is too difficult, you must rate your competence here (RTFM) But if you break something at this spec, it will most likely cost you a bit!

    As for graphics cards, speed is what ever you can afford! :)
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