9850 BE strange temperature readings..

I'm running stock settings on my 9850 with what I assume to be overkill in the cooler...
However I'm still getting temperatures much higher than I should be.


This is just an example of what I'm talking about. While my Cores are all reading less than 40c the CPU says its almost 60c. Both of which are unreasonable to me, but I have tried everything to fix this. Still can't figure it out.
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  1. Try putting a little more thermal paste and reset the heatsink. Also, clear the CMOS. I have seen this work many times. Post back with results.
  2. Hi

    Are you using AS5 and properly cleaning the CPU (heat spreader) & heat sink before mounting. Everyone has there own way of doing it but try this.

    Heatsink surface: Clean the old paste off. Use some ArtiClean (or Alcohol if you don't have any) to clean the surface. Use something that is link free like a coffee filter or pillow case. After it has been cleaned put very small amount of AS5 on the heatsink and rub it into the surface in a clockwise manner with your finger in a plastic bag, shake & bake bags work well, at this point you don't want anything on the heatsink (lint, hair, body oils). The purpose of the last step is to fill in any imperfections on the surface of the heatsink. Now take your coffee filter, pillow case, etc; and polish the surface. Don't press down to hard or you will remove the AS5 from the bad spots.

    The CPU heat spreader can be cleaned with just ArtiClean or Alcohol. I don't know what type of CPU you have because your spec are not listed. I'll assume you have a Core 2. Use the "Line" method when you apply the thermal grease, straight down the core and stay away from the edges.

    Good luck!
  3. I have the 2 part Artic Silver cleaning compound which works damn well by the way. When I apply the AS5 I usually put a dot in the middle, and then press the HS onto the processor (9850 BE, quad core 125w) then twist it two or three times about 45 degrees in both directions. This seems to do a pretty good cover of the processor without any extra spooged out on the sides. I know this because I've done it about 5 times in the last week.

    I am fairly curious about the coffee filter thing though. I use a paper towel when cleaning usually, and I definitely haven't wiped any off of the CPU after I put it on. Are you talking about making a really thin layer with the AS5? cause I usually make it pretty damn thin. I use about as the equivilent of a BB in the center of the CPU. Tell me if I'm missing something though please I'm open to suggestions.

    Currently after my last application I am getting loaded temps of up to 50c and a minimum of 37c maybe.
  4. Hi

    Nice CPU. It was be best with that CPU if your were spreading the paste. With my C2D I'm done after applying the line. See link.

  5. Thanks for that link.. I am thinking about reapplying and turning my fan 90 degrees straight up anyway just to see if it will exhaust better with the 120mm fan that I have placed in the top of my case instead of the 120 in the back. It feels like the top one moves more air out even though they are both the same fans


    I'm pretty sure that I can do this without problem with my heatsink. I am just trying to figure out why this beast of a heatsink wont freeze my cpu?? I will try the pre-spreading method this time and see what happens though for sure.

    staram5 what kind of water cooling pump do you use? also did you buy your ram modules with water blocks or add them yourself? My friend has a fairly similar setup to you and I'm just curious.
  6. I'm running 2x P500 500 l/h ThermalTake pumps. This was the first computer I ever water cooled and its been a learning experience, I'm on what I call my 3rd revision. I have the P500 because I originally started with a kit, the TerrmalTake BigWater. It was okay for a starter but beyond that its useless. So I added 2x Swiftech 220 rads with external rad box, 2nd P500 pump, and Swiftech reservoir. The ram water blocks I added, that's why I bought the HyperX because I knew it would be easy to remove the heat spreader. I was looking at the OCZ modules that were set up for water cooling but they didn't have the sticks available in 8500.
  7. sounds pretty sweet even if it is a learning experience. I think the next time I do a full rebuild I would like to do water. However I would like to prove to myself that I deserve it by overclocking my 9850 BE at least close to 3ghz. So far I haven't been able to get anything above 2650 stable. I really suck at overclocking. I have no idea what to do with my Northbridge and Southbridge voltages, also not sure exactly how to make sure my memory is stable with my overclock. And every single combination i have found and tried on the net seems to BSOD on my mobo.

    M2N32-SLI Deluxe
    2x2 OCZ Reaper 6400 at 800mhz
    Zalman 9700 Heatsink (should freeze that Black!!)


    My heatsink is currently pointed against the flow because I had tried everything else, but I think I want to do it one more time pointing either up the the exhaust fan on the top of my case, or out the back. Not sure what would work better at the moment. Any suggestions.
  8. Thanks. Here go some old pics (revision 2) some of the stuff in there is gone now. My daughter should have my digital cam back in a day or 2 and I'll update my pics.

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