Using automatic fan controler for MCP655

I am trying to find an automatic bay controller that can handle a water pump with an inline temp sensor, specifically for Swiftech MCP655. The issue is all automated pumps I can find are 10W/channel and unknown amperage. The swiftech pump requires 24W at 2 amps. Anyone know a model that will perform this task or a way to modify a controller to handle 24W at 2 amps?
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  1. 24 watts is 2 amps @ 12v.
    There are fan controllers out there that can handle 30 watts per channel.
    Just what is it you are trying to do ?
  2. Ahh, that probably would have helped.

    I am just trying to have the pump be variable speed so when the temperature is low/computer is not being used much then automatically increase speed when temperature is higher such as gaming or video editing.

    The pump runs at 41xx rpm. I would like to extend its mttf by allowing it to decrease speed. Of course, since the pump does not have a speed controler it must be controlled by something that can change its voltage.
  3. I've had my MCP655 running for 5+ years at full speed anytime my PC is on...which is at least 3-5hrs a day.
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