Freeze GTX 260


I've got a new computer
motherboard : P5n-d
graphic card : bfg gtx 260
3 gig of ram 800mhz kingston
hdd: seagate 500 gig.
power supply: 700 w (OCZ)
CPU : Intel core 2 duo E8400 (3.0ghz)

I've got a problem

When i start certain game or simply open the nvidia control panel the computer freeze and i can only make a hard reboot.

A lot of game such as crysis and fear 2 works just fine.

My bios is updated and i've got all my driver updated too.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
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  1. Try using a slightly older driver for the video card.Sometimes the newest drivers are not always the best to use.Let me know.


    ASUS P5N-D
    C2D E8500 STOCK
    2X2GIG DDR2 1066 IN DC MODE
    EVGA GTX 260
    LG 24IN WS LCD 1920X1080
    250GIG HD/500GIG HD
  2. With the one in the graphic card box... it have the same issue with some game but not in the nvidia control panel...
  3. Any Idea?
  4. Dahak you have a similar config...

    Wich version of nvidia driver do you have?
  5. nobody can help?
  6. Hmm... I would uninstall your video drivers completely. After you do it, restart your comp and THEN install the drivers again. If it still randomly restarts, check to your gpu temperature with the riva tuner, might be overheating for some reason. If that doesn't work, test your graphics card in another computer and see if it runs stable. If it does, then you have another problem on your computer my friend (could be your psu, mobo, might have to reseat your cpu, make sure to run a memtest as well...). Thats all I can think of right now.


    1. Uninstall drivers, restart, resinstall drivers
    2. Check your GPU temperature using nVIDIA Riva tuner
    3. Try the card in another computer, if it works, step 4!
    4. Assume there's something else wrong with your computer
    5. Make sure you took off any plastic covering or anything that was on the GPU to protect it.

  7. I don't think that is a overheating problem, cause it NOT randommly restart...

    I can play to CRYSIS all settings to high during an hour but can't open the nvidia control panel cause it freeze. Also, there some game that freeze before launching (freeze with de windows screen and not a black screen)

    So i assume my graphic card is ok (playing crysis or fear 2 for hours)

    memtest = no error.

    Tell me if i got something wrong

    Finally i will reinstall the driver for another time, it cost nothing to give it a try :P

  8. I have no longer the problem when i go in the nvidia control panel but i still have it when i start some game...
  9. try reinstalling your o/s, is this a frsh install or did you have a previous card in there?
  10. This was a fresh install but it seems that i have sold my problem...

    Have the problem with one game so i use it to make my test...

    I found that the game will always freeze my computer when "pc tools firewall plus" was running and start good when it's not...

    Uninstalled this Firewall and reinstall the old but good Sygate personal firewall...

    It was important for me to come here and write my solution, so, if someone have the same problem...
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