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ok, so here is the deal. i was on deployment for 5 months, during this time, my cmos battery died. i checked it and it was only putting out 1.54v, instead of i just went and bought a new one tonight, popped it in (all of my components are out of the case now..) reset cmos to factory with jumper set to clear for a min, then put it back to run mode, hooked up speaker to mobo, still no post beep. is it dead? its a k9a platinum btw...
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  1. have you tried another battery? or made sure its facing the right way? simple things, but ppl sometimes forget. Im betting you know enough to not have shorted it out. Try reseating all the memory modules and expansion cards.
  2. yup, its in there, its another brand new one, checked voltages this tme, the last "new" one i bought was only putting out 1.65v, not the 3.26v the new one puts out. and yes, the plus is out, negative side in...i have pulled all components out to bare board, took the watercooling system off and just put on the hsf and older proc. it doesnt even give a post code, even with the processor out, or ram not installed when proc only. i think its just toast...
  3. Your fans turning on? perhaps its the PSU?
  4. fans work, psu has the proper 12.03v, 3.35v, and 5.04v...not it..
  5. I was about to say test your RAM in another rig and re-read the lack of a post code. Ive never had a board that displayed a code, and was always to lazy to install the speaker. If you've got an LCD that normally displays error codes and it shows nothing then im betting the board is gone. If you've got a speaker then it might be worth testing the RAM in another rig with memtest86 while operating under the assumption that your speaker might be dead. Sorry I cant think of anything else.
  6. thanks man. maybe i will hook it up to a battery somehow and see if i get the pop. but yeah, i am thinking the board is toast :( but that means i might as well build the puter i have been wanting to anyways :) but the amd 8 series chipsets arent out...yet....still
  7. screw it...going with these...i got paid for working on some computers years ago, so it only costs me 50 bucks to get...

    hello cheap quad core!!
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