DVD RW seen as ROM

I've read that just because it shows "CD-ROM" in XP it does not mean it's not recognized as RW.

But in My COmputer, under properties, it shows as a CD drive. AND on the hardware tab, when selected it shows as Device type: DVD/CD-ROM drive.

WHat should I do to have it recognized as RW? (Right now the drive can't READ anything.)
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  1. Wanted to add (in case it matters) the drive is Sony DVD RW DW-U14A running under XP sp3.

  2. Go to the device manager. Right click and uninstall the drive, then restart. It will reinstall on restart.

    Does it currently read CDs? If not, then the drive is probably dead, as a CD ROM can still read CDs.
  3. Would Troubleshooter know if drive wasn't working for hardware resons (it says it's working)?
  4. The windows troubleshooter doesn't perform diagnostic scans. It's just a Q & A to help narrow down the cause. Is it the drive properties saying it's working fine?

    Does it still read some or any CDs? If not, the problem isn't how windows is recognizing the drive.
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