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The Tom's Community Team is possessed of a great group of moderators from all walks of life, and these guys focus a laser-like concentration on keeping the forum safe from the threat of trolls, spammers and ne'er-do-wells. From time to time though, it's good to sit back and have a laugh. Which is why we're putting forward this fun little competition.

Using headlines from any of the stories that have appeared on Tom's Hardware, Tom's Guide or any other Tom's site, create an image with a hilarious caption to try and break the stoic demeanor of our mods and make them laugh. You can use any image you can find on the net (keep it clean!) so long as the caption contains a headline from a story written on Tom's.

You can use any graphics editing program or an online tool like the demotivational poster creator at to make your creation. If your submission makes a mod laugh, you'll win the special title of "Forum Jester" that will appear in green under your avatar to memorialize your comic genius!

Be sure to post your image with caption to this thread so the mods can read it!
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  1. Can I enter to the contest? :lol:
  2. You can totally enter the contest. But it doesn't count if you make *yourself* laugh. :P
  3. :lol: bad news, that was my 1st idea :lol:
  4. Dang, how do you get it to fit into the forum without a link :(
  5. Use the Forums option in the Thumbnail Size of the share it options.
  6. Well, even if I can't get a moderator to laugh, at least I'm having a good time with these ;) .
  7. RE: The five octaves story is a go. Be sure to get the interpretation of the Raw data correct. Data provided here.

    -An important message from desk of Tom's newest Hardware Division, Music, to the Tom's Hardware editors. You idiots!

  8. ^ :heink: :heink: :heink: That's what I did while listening to that, maybe covering my ears would've been a good thing ;) .

    Uploaded with

    Didn't put much time in it, but maybe it'll get someone to :lol:

  10. Woman in HP Sexual Harrassment Case Speaks

    “I was surprised and saddened that Mark Hurd lost his job over this. That was never my intention.”

    If any of the mods missed it, this softcore porn actress, television actress, real estate vice president, and single mom was careful not to be the most seductive employee HP could possibly hire and never intended to bring down HPs corporate image starting at the top. You can view the stimulating story here.

  11. Logitech Harmony Pilots: No More "Remote Control Bloat"?


  12. Dell Uses 'Apples to Apples' Comparison to Show How Its PCs are Better Than Macs

  13. A Tom's Hardware Natural Science Update

    This concludes the Toms Hardware natural science update for today.
  14. Intel Core i7-875K And Core i5-655K Battle Beyond 4 GHz

    Intel Now Sneaky Fast! Faster than a Monkey Stealin' A Peach Dude!

  15. Sorry Randomizer but this one from badge cracked me up! :lol:
  16. Procedural Deformation

    -Link From Tom Himself.,294-10.html

  17. Power-Hungry, Hot, And Big

    Taking to the runway, this GeForce GTX 295 owner shows off a piece of the latest line of Fermi Fashion Gametime Attire making a statement we're not sure we want to know about.

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