Moving data folders to HDD from SSD?

I installed a new 50gb SSD and a 500gb HDD. I want to move the raw data folders to the HDD and keep the programs and stuff on the SSD.

1. What folders should I be copying? I am assuming the user folder that stores most data?
2. Can I just copy and paste it over to the HDD, or will this cause conflicts and errors? Because I tried this and I keep getting that I don't have the administrator privileges to do that.
3. Once it is over there, how do I get all my programs to write automatically to that user folder and drive instead of just creating a new one on the solid state drive?

Thank you.
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  1. 1.) If you just want your media (aka Music, Documents, Videos, Pictures), than transferring /Users/[Your Username], or it's contents will achieve just that.

    2.) You should be able to just copy paste said files over to the other drive. Is your account an Administrative Account?

    3.) You'll have to go into the program itself and try to find that option (in Preferences, Options, or something of that nature).
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