Is my 450W power supply sufficient to support a Q6600 and a Overclocked HD 4850? I'm not sure it is, so if someone could comfirm, that'd be nice.
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  1. what brand and model of PSU is it?
  2. Yes, we need to know the brand and model. If it is a quality brand like Corsair, probably. If it is a generic unit that came with your case, probably not.
  3. Yeah, it came with the case, What wattage should I have to support my system?
  4. amps on the (+)12v line is usually more important for a GPU. what amps does yours have?
  5. + manufacturer of case??
  6. Double post.

    Depends on the power supply. A 450 watt Corsair probably would. A 450 watt Antec might. A 450 watt generic probably wouldn't.

    The current rating of the 12 volt output is critical.
  7. EDIT: Turns out it's only a 400W, I was told it was 450W.
    Here's a pic, cos I don't know much about power supplies.
  8. looks like a FSP psu (from what i gathered from the code.) They have an excellent reputation and the 12v amps don't look to bad either. They're used in the Dell gaming boxes if i remember correctly
  9. FSP is a decent brand. Only 400W though, with 27A on the combined +12V rails...I'm not sure that's quite enough, not for overclocking those parts.
    Making arbitrary assumptions about your system, I got 363W using a NON-overclocked 4850. Stock, it needs 9A, so overclocking probably adds 1A-2A to that, or 12W-24W. It looks like technically that PSU could handle it, but you'd be running on the edge, which is asking for trouble. I don't think I'd do it.
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