Overclocking Woes-HELP!

Hello All,

I'm trying to overclock for the first time. I loaded the BIOS defaults.

This is my set up:
ASUS P6X58D motherboard
G. Skill DDR3-1600
Sapphire Vapor-x HD 5850
Cooler Master V8

My target speed is 3.6 GHz. In BIOS Ai Tweaker, I have the following values set:

Ai Overclock Tuner - X.M.P.
CPU Ratio Setting - 22
BLCK Freq.- 164
PCIE Freq. -100
DRAM Freq.- DDR3-1644MHz
QPI Link Data Rate - 5919MT/s

CPU Voltage - 1.20
QPI/DRAM Core Voltage 1.25
DRAM Bus Voltage 1.50

Everything else is set to 'Auto' and I've disabled PCIE, C1E and anything spread spectrum. I also disabled Intel SpeedStep Tech and Full Screen Logo.

Here's what happens: The system posts, then this Windows Error Recovery screen pops up saying that Windows failed to start and that I can start Windows normally or do Startup Repair. If I choose to try and start Windows normally, it tries to start, then a BSOD will flash and it will repeat the process.

What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Can anybody help me? I'm really stuck and yes, I goggled.

    I'd really appreciate it!
  2. Dude, your memory is running beyond spec.
    You should set it to 1333 MHz speed in BIOS before OCing.
    Then as you OC, it will increase from 1333 MHz.
    Do you have triple-channel?
    If so, you don't require more than 1066 MHz memory...
    So why are you running your memory at 1644 MHz?
  3. Yes, I have triple channel. When I changed the values of the other things, that's what it set to.
  4. enable pcie at least.
  5. Memory multiplier is set at 10...change to 8
    Depending on what your memory specs are (most G.Skill) are 1.6-1.65v, you may have to up your vdimm (dram voltage) a bit.
  6. Okay, saw what I did wrong, it's corrected now. These are my settings:

    AI Overclock Tuner [Manual]
    CPU Ratio Setting [22]
    BCLK Frequency [164] ==> CPU speed = 22 x 164 = 3608MHz
    DRAM Frequency [DDR3-1640]
    DRAM timings: 9-9-9-24
    DRAM Bus Voltage [1.64V or 1.66V]
    QPI DRAM Core Voltage [1.35V]

    I've run Prime95 w/o any errors at 3.6GHz.

    My only problem now are the temps. I ran SpeedFan and this is the rundown:

    System: 32-36C
    CPU: 84C
    AUX: 33C
    Core 0-3: 98-100C
    Core 4&5: 90-93C

    Real Temps showed around the same.

    I think that's too hot, so what can I do to lower the temps? I have CoolerMaster Hyper212, but it's too big, so the case is open a little on the side. If I close it completely, the cooler hits the side fan. So I know I need another fan, but do I need to do anything to the voltage?

  7. wow. amazing. god damn! you can boil water now bro.
  8. Intel spec for your processor 67.9c, so low 70's core temps MAX.
  9. Are those the correct temps? You really can boil water on your CPU.
    And are those idle temps or full load? If they are idle, then... lol, are you sure you have thermalpaste on the CPU... or the whole heatsink + fan?
  10. Hope you put Artic Silver 5 or better Thermal paste between the Hyper 212 or V8 as you gave both. I always put more than just a Dot as the cpu's are much bigger and in this case has additional chip so they are not centered. Also you should try to slow down the Memory.. with DDR3 you are running to fast to start with, 1064 or even 1333 may lower your heat if it is not all cpu and/or paste issues. Speed up your fan might help a lot. The Hyper 212 can take a push pull setup i.e. 2 fans
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