Should I build an i7 or Quad?

Im leaving soon for Basic Training for the National Guard & when I come back from that & my AIT, I'll have about $15,000-$16,000... Im spending $5,000 to buy a friend's car for myself, & Was going to spend $1500 or less on a new computer for gaming & put the rest in the bank... My question is,

Would I be better building a Quad Core machine or an i7? The quad build is about $1150..... the i7 is about $1500...... I was thinking of the i7 because if a new cpu came out in another year or two, the x58MOBO would most likely take it as the socket 775 boards wouldn't.. correct?

Would an i7 be more future proof than a Quad, based on the money?
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  1. Ask again when you come back. Things change very fast in this industry. For example there will be some awesome video cards based on 40 nm tech some time in summer.
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