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I'm getting a little peeved. I just installed my ati theater 550pro the other day to my asus p5k-vm, in vista 64 it gave me a code 10 no matter what driver I installed. I tried reinstalling vista, no luck. I tried installing xp media center, no luck. I tried every option I could think of in the bios with no luck I keep getting code 10. I have been searching and searching on google and I've come up with many people having the same issue as I have but with no known solutions. I have written amd tech support and recieved no answers. I thought it might be an irq issue but my motherboard only provides one option for setting irqs, pnp or not in the os. Neither setting changes anything as my ability to edit the resources in vista or xp is not there for some reason. I have the latest bios for my motherboard and a geforce 8800gts with the onboard graphics disabled. I'm at my wits end. Next time I'm not buying amd. Every time I decide to be nice and give them some bussiness I get screwed. - don't let this diverge into an ati/amd flame war I just want some answers please thanks in advance!

ps the card was working fine in my old dell running xp. My new rig just hates it.
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  1. News:
    I got a reply from ati. This is what I sent:

    "I am trying to install an ati theater 550pro. I keep getting a code 10 in device manager with the latest drivers. the os is vista x64 I tried reinstalling it and xp to no avail. I was thinking it could be an irq issue. The mainboard is an asus p5k-vm."

    That was literally the maximum amount I could write on the ticket. You'd think they'd let you tell them more about your issue in order to help you but wait theres more! This is their response:

    "Dear Customer,

    Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200170505]} has been reviewed and updated.

    Response and Service Request History:

    In the device manager, if there is a yellow (!) mark on one of the ATI devices listed, double click the device to bring up the properties page. Listed in the Device Status field, you will see the error code. If your device has a Code 10 error, it maybe that the drivers have not been installed correctly or fully, in which case, you should completely uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the device.

    If uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software for the device does not resolve the issue, there may be a hardware related problem with the device itself. To troubleshoot an issue like this, the hardware should be tested in another, separate system. If the error code persists in the new system, the hardware should be repaired or replaced.

    In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.

    Best regards,

    AMD Global Customer Care"

    In the 20 words I got to use to write them a ticket I think I was pretty clear that I tried installing new drivers. For Gods sake 20 words and they don't even read them! I'm pissed and I let them know it too.
  2. Yeah i have the same issue. have done the same thing, and am finding it difficult to get any straight answers anywhere..
  3. ati is not responding to my emails the only response I got is the one posted. I am going to make a call to their tech support and I will post the results.
  4. The results are - they know there is a problem. They don't care. According to the tech support guy he gets 10 calls a day about this issue but they are not supporting the cards any more. No new drivers, no warranty. Thanks for nothing amd.
  5. I never found a solution, I threw out my card - along with any thoughts of ever purchasing an amd product again. Good hardware/ cheap prices do not make up for lousy customer support
  6. well I made the mistake of buying another amd card, I couldn't resist the reviews and got suckered in. My shiny new hd 5850 is a piece of garbage. It does not wake from sleep, it displays artifacts, the display driver crashes over and over and more often than not does not recover which forces me to restart my system. The hardware doesn't matter when the drivers are written by AMD. Seems like a shitty way to save money. They need to invest in good coders or they will never succeed.
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