Nortel VPN problem with Intel WIFI 5300

Hi, I get a new laptop (Thinkpad T400, Vista Business 32bit, INTEL wifi 5300 ) and install the Nortel VPN client. (I am using the vista client already)

There is no problem by connecting VPN via the Ethernet, but it is failed when I tried to connect via the WIFI.

I have done the google search for the whole day but no luck.

I have just discovered that the "Eacfilt Driver" did not installed in the Wifi

I tried to add that service manually, but vista did not show that driver up (even i point to the driver manually)

Do anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot
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  1. You need to provide more info. Are you using the Contivity VPN client or another product? Are you connecting to the same router both via Ethernet and Wifi?
  2. yes, I am using Nortel Contivitiy VPN Client.

    I connect via the same router (all-in-one router)

    I just solved the problem by myself

    The VPN Client cannot work with Intel myWIFI technology/software.

    Remove the myWifi (in the control panel, network connection, you should see one network interface instead of 3 interface, than that will be ok).
    (If you are using ThinkPad Access Connection, you need to configure your wireless network before you remove myWiFI software)

    I just got an error is .. once the screen saver start, the VPN connection will drop. I am trying to check the setting in the computer.
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