Uprgrading Inspiron 530s

OK, so I'm planning on upgrading my inspiron 530s to a new case, new power supply, and new graphics card. I already bought the Nvidia 9600gt and now I just need a new case and power supply. My current case is a slim line with a crap power supply, so that's why I'm upgrading.

This is my current case, but mine only has a 1.6 duel core CPU.(I'm thinking of upgrading that too)

I've found two pretty good deals, and I was wondering if you guys had any input or a better suggestion. For the price these are a good deal.

Power Supply


Also, if you can point me to a decent CPU for under 100 dollars, that would be great. I'm kinda new to the whole upgrading thing, so I don't want to be swindled into buying crappy hardware.
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  1. The power supply you picked, the Apevia 500w is a low quality power supply, i wouldn't use it in ANY build, the case you picked the Rosewill is a decent budget case, but comes with it's own power supply, also a low quality unit. A decent power supply for your system and a 9600GT would be this Silverstone ST 400w unit ( it's not just watts you need, it's also AMPs and quality) for $30 after rebate
    a higher quality unit is this Corsair 400w unit for $50 after rebate.

    There are a number of decent budget cases for sale between $20 - $35

    To recommend a CPU we need to know exactly what model you have, including what motherboard, the 530s has different options.
  2. Dell scanned my computer as being this:

    Inspiron 530s
    ServiceTag 53B4DF1
    Windows Version Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic
    Model Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz
    Hard Drive
    Drive Size Free Space Utilized
    C: 222.78 Gb 158.22 Gb 29 %

    D: 10 Gb 5.02 Gb 50 %

    Video Adapters
    Model Memory
    Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family 320 Mb

    Total 2048 Mb
    Available 40 %

    Slot Size Speed Type
    Slot 1 1024 Mb 667 Mhz Unknown
    Slot 2 1024 Mb 667 Mhz Unknown
    Slot 3 Empty
    Slot 4 Empty

    Available Slots 2
  3. Also, I found this cheap little thing. From the reviews I can easily overclock it to 3.0 ghz.

    What do you think of this case
  4. Decent case. You CANNOT use an AMD CPU with your motherboard. You cannot overclock any CPU with a prebuilt (Dell, HP, Gateway) computer, they lock their motherboards. One CPU that will work is this one

    a better choice would be this CPU
    but it MAY take a BIOS update to work. You need to check with DELL or continue your research.
  5. I was able to install a E5200 on a HP system with the G33 motherboard without a BIOS flash, the Silverstone ST400 power supply listed was used in a Toms Hardware system builders marathon several months back and worked well for them. Good luck, it's a good upgrade.
  6. are you sure the inspiron uses an ATX or mATX motherboard? my old dell had a mATX motherboard, but used proprietary front panel connectors meaning it was useless in another case.
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