Please help me with boot sequence.

Hey guys. I need help with my boot sequence. I got a Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter error. What is my boot sequence, And I am in the bios, but cant find a place to change the settings.
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  1. The MB or system manual BIOS section should have instructions. Basically set the hard drive with the OS installed as the primary hard drive /boot device. Setting that hard drive as the 'first' boot device will cause the system to boot a little faster also.
  2. BIOSs differ, but if you are on the opening screen navigating instructions should be at the bottom, and a menu of options on the left. Select one (arrow keys), hit enter, and a new screen appears. The screen you want may be labelled "Advanced BIOS features" or similar.

    However, it sounds like you have a disk failure/corruption or mobo failure and are trying to boot from another device (eg DVD). IIRC, the message you are getting means it could not find a bootable on any of the devices in its list, so you may also have to add a missing boot device. The option to do that would be on the same page.
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