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Well, I have couple of questions regarding my NAS setup.

I have 4x1TB RAID-5 hard drives running on my WD ShareSpace NAS Server. What I want is to migrate to a new NAS Server from QNAP that has 8 bays of storage.

my question is: If I moved the 4 hard drives that I have on my current NAS server to the new one, and added another 4 hard drives of the same size (1TB). does that require me to format all my drives and loose all the data to be able to configure them again on the new server?
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  1. Unless both NAS devices use idential controller chipsets, you are likely to lose the existing data when you migrate the HDDs from one to the other. Also, you will have to reformat and add to the new array once moved as well.

    If you can, copy your existing files to your new NAS first and then physically migrate the HDDs from the old NAS to the new NAS.

    Good luck!
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