Broken off elements from Thunder K8S Pro

Good day!

We have a problem with the out of Warranty Motherboard S2882 (Thunder K8S Pro). During the mounting of the MB into the chassis, some elements were broken off accidentally. As a result, after power on we recieve following reports - "Keyboard Interface Error" and "Fatal Error - System halted". How can I specify the nomenclature of the following slots for the self-repair? Slots: C1501, C1494, FB35, FB36, R1243, C1618, CT56, R1292, C1573, C1564.

Very need help.

TIA, Ivan Petrov
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  1. Hey Ivan, the self-repair concept isn't entirely clear to me. How could the mobo repair itself, if some of its physical components are broken off? Sorry for the noobish question, but I'm just assuming when a mobo loses physical parts, you'll need to replace those parts (or just get a new mobo) to get things working again.
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