I have a hp simple save external hard drive T1 .
I was working nice but suddenly my computer can not detect it. I change the clable but nothing happens...The blue light in the hard drive is on but when I try to open it from my deskopt it says in unavailable.
PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have all my kid's picture in there...
What could I do???
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  1. Different USB port?

    Does it need to be plugged in with external power?
  2. Make sure your external drive is connected to its external power source (if required) and connected to your PC, then restart the system to see if it will detect the harddisk once it starts back up. If this doesn't work, come back to the group for other possible solutions.
  3. It is connected to its external power source and also to the computer...
    I tried with a different cable but there is no difference...
    I don't know what else to do. It was working properly but all of a sudden I was not able to open the simpleSave icon and it says "the drive or network is unavailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available, and then try again" but I tried a lot ( connect it again, restart the PC, etc) and nothing happened.
  4. I also tried connect it to a different USB port but nothing... If i connect my camera or something else to that USB port, it works fine but the computer is not able to read the external hard drive...

    I would really appreciate any help with it...
  5. MARY22 said:
    but when I try to open it from my deskopt it says in unavailable.

    If you're trying to open it from a desktop shortcut, it may be corrupted (the shortcut). Go in "My Computer" and open it from there.
  6. That is the problem. The computer doesn't detect it because when I open my computer the hard drive doesn't appears there...
  7. It's a software problem, ask in the appropriate software subforum. You may need to reinstall the OS (save on a CD all your important data from My Documents and such first).
  8. Do you have another computer where you can try to access the external HDD? If it won't open on the second computer, then there is a problem with the drive itself.
  9. Google "external HDD not detected" there are some tweaks in the OS, from what I've seen, Vista users have the most problems.
  10. There are 3 main reasons when an external device not detected, either usb port damage, or external device cable problem or external device hardware and software problem. Please see all the problems carefully.


    Peter disuja
  11. did you find any appropriate solution for this problem if yes then plz share?? as i m also facing the same and has no idea what to do
  12. It seems that it is the problem of your hard drive. Does assigning a letter fix the problem?
    If not, your drive must be corrupted. Go try a free hard drive recovery tool to get back your inner data and format it to see whether it can be recovered. This freeware is really efficient and easy to operate.
    You could download it there:
    Note: You’d better buy a new drive to replace it in case this situation happens again.
    You should learn a valuable lesson to back up all your crucial data on a separate drive regularly in the future.
  13. ;)
  14. Reinstall simplesave from your CD or download it from HP website.
  15. i experienced the same problem with my Seagate backup plus 1tb this morning, what i did was i went to disk management > click actions > rescan disks. HTH
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