Replaced 4850 Stock Cooler to T-Rad2 - PC now turning off after 1 min


I was hoping someone could offer some help with this problem.

But last August I bought an ATI 4850 GPU, and it was running far too hot for my liking.

So I bought a Thermalright T-Rad2 GPU cooler.

I followed the instructions, I hope, to the letter and installation seemed to go fine.

I also bought two 92mm Akasa Amber Fans to use go with it.

But on using it with my PC the PC would just turn off after around 1 minute - 2 minutes. Sometimes even sooner.

This switching off is occurring every time, even if I just stay in the bios.

The two fans are definitely spinning as I can hear them, and when the side of the case is off can see them spinning and feel the cold air around them.

But again the GPU is still just turning off the PC.

Have I done something wrong/overlooked something during the installation?

It's definitely the GPU causing the switching off problem, as I have tried it with two PC's, and two PSU's and the same problem occurs with both, but when using another GPU (ATI 4550) this is producing no turn offs.

Thanks for any help/suggestions on this.
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  1. Obviously recommend what I can do to get it to stop shutting down the Pc so I can actually use it.

    No overclocking whatsoever.

    I have tried it on two PC's. Same result.

    Definitely not a power issue, as one PSU was a Corsair 620HX

    Formatted the hard drive, and used a Linux Live CD (ubuntu 8.10), and from the bios, all the same result.

    My only possible, unknowledgeable guess, could be something wrong with the memory coolers that I stuck on at the right side of the card.

    Thus causing overheating which my bios is going into safety mode and turning off the PC.

    But I could be wrong, but if I am right any ideas.
  2. could you post some pics of your card with the new cooler on it, maybe someone can see if there is an obvious problem.
  3. I can do that tomorrow as I am very busy today.

    Thanks for that suggestion for help.

    To explain my situation a bit more.

    First use with the new cooler, it went to the desktop fine, seemed to work for about 20 mins ok.

    Went to watch a Blu-Ray, after about 2 mins into the film, PC just Switched off.

    Rebooted, went to blu-ray again PC turned off.

    So I just took the card out an kept it to one side in the protective bag.

    Wednesday I built up a brand new PC, put in the card.

    Went to Linux Live CD, booted up fine, went to Linux desktop ok, went to browse the internet and then for a second the image distorted then got no signal on my monitor and Pc turned off.

    However you could still hear fans going in the PC, the blue case power light was still lit, but it was completely unresponsive, nothing on the monitor and effectively dead.

    Hard Rebooted, and Loaded Linux Live CD again, left it on desktop, Pc turned off, with same issue.

    Booted PC went to bios, just left it for a minute or so in the bios and PC turned off.

    So I took out the card and put in another card and the PC runs perfectly.

    The PSU is as I say a Corsair, and the first was a hiper, the hiper run the card perfectly when it had the stock cooler.
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