Athlon 445 + Asus M4A785-M Overclocking suggestions

Hi guys, I'm kinda new to overclocking, and from all the reading and research I've done so far, this is what I ended up with.

I just wanted to see if this was the best way to go about my setup. Also, I'm wondering if my CPU core temps are too high under full stress testing.

I also am not sure how the memory to FSB ratio setup works on my motherboard and what the best way to go about it (or just let it automatically set it?). Here are screens of my bios and cpu-z/hwmonitor:

Thanks for any help :)
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  1. Max. temp for the C3 440 is 75c, so yes, you are starting to get too hot.

    The core temps are what's most important, so at 65c you've been safe. If your going to run it at that high of an oc or higher I would definitely get an A/M cooler!

    You could lock the PCIE Overclock to 100 as well as try to lower HT Link Speed 1 notch.

    Everything looks good, nice oc with the low vcore.

    My question to you, have you tried to unlock it ?
  2. thanks for the advice! quick question - what exactly does HT Link speed do? what's the difference between 1800 mhz and 2000 mhz? (1800 is one notch down).

    yeah, i've tried to unlock it. no dice. just keeps rePOSTing no matter what settings i use :\. i even tried to turn off some of the cores and keep the L3 cache, still just rePOSTs.

    i'll pick up a better cooler, too. thanks!
  3. Quote:
    what's the difference between 1800 mhz and 2000 mhz?

    Not much difference between 1800 and 2000. Increasing as you have with your oc can add stability, get it too high and it can cause instability. At 3.67 I would leave it where it's at. I had just posted this in a different thread, hope it helps to explain.

    "HyperTransport™ (HT) Link frequency

    HyperTransport Link frequency will determine the available bandwidth between the CPU and the NorthBridge
    Chipset (such as AMD 790FX). In most single CPU socket configurations the default 1.8GHz or 2GHz HT Link
    value offers sufficient amount of bandwidth even for multi-GPU configurations. Increasing HT Link frequency
    may provide a small performance boost for certain 3D applications, games and benchmarks."

    "CPU NorthBridge Performance Tuning

    The CPU NorthBridge (CPU NB) clock speed determines the efficiency and bandwidth capacity of the Memory
    controller. L3 cache runs at this frequency as well. CPU NB performance tuning gives a measurable boost for
    overall system performance. In particular it can reduce the Memory latency and improve L3 cache bandwidth
    and latency. In some scenarios the CPU NB should be tuned in order to take the full advantage of overclocked
    Memory frequency and bandwidth. In general the CPU NB clock should be at least three times the Memory
    clock (example in case of DDR3-1600: 3 x 800MHz = 2400MHz NB clock)."

    Have fun !
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