Would a copper made 120mm fan on a gpu, psu or cpu cooler be more effictive than

Would a copper made 120mm fan on a gpu, psu or cpu cooler be more effictive than a plastic one?

Imagine instead of a plastic fan with a great design, would this copper fan act as a heatsink and a fan at the same time, would it help in air cooling a hot device more effectivly? In stead of wasting money on neon lights on fans and ect, would this make sense?
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  1. Yea, of course it would be.

    and yes put your money here.
  2. I would think it might in theory, but thinking about the actual point of contact the fan would make, it would only be the fan shaft and the bearings, which would result in very little heat transfer. So, I would assume that having a fan of copper wouldn't help'd be better off investing the copper into the rest of the cooler to draw the heat off of the source.
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    The other issue you will have is weight. Copper isn't light and making fans out of it would be heavy. I also would think that there are far better ways to cool those items then making a copper fan.
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    The other issue you will have is weight.

    ^^ Particularly this... It's important for the fan to be lightweight for RPM's and CFM flowrate. The fan itself effectively never sees the temperature off of the heatsink (other than transferance through exhaust, or through bearing => axel contact as rubix_1011 mentioned) though the actual benefit through either is defeated by the ~8x higher power-draw :( (ex, .25A to 2A)

    However, a fan modification that would help (if designed properly) is a cowling on the exhaust side to increase airflow speed.

    Please, keep thinking! This world needs more thinkers and less rock-star / rapper wanna-bees.
  5. No-one in their right mind would put Neon lights in their Pc :)
    I know you mean L.e.d's though :)
    Bump to Hythos though, please do keep thinking man, and modding and tinkering,
    Human knowledge and progress has often been based on 'What if...'s
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