Need Help choosing power supply FAST (tonight)

Ok heres the deal right now newegg is having a sale on the coolermaster haf 932 and this ram

They have combo deals on some power supplies with it so i need help finding the right power supply to get.

Here is approximately what my system will consist of:
Coolermaster HAF 932
Asus P6T
ATI 4850 x2 (possibly second one done the road)
two 1TB hardrives in raid
dvd/cd rw
speakers etc...
possible additions of things like lcd display or cathode lights and more fans.
Also I might overclock some, not a lot, but some.
This is my first build so the simpler the component the better.
Here is one i was looking at:
I is modular and has red LED but I don't know how much wattage I need.
Please help
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  1. I recently got a silverstone 1200W PSU. It may be overkill, but at least I know I can upgrade without wasting money on a cheaper PSU, just keep what I got and keep using till its done.
  2. Yea i'm on a budget so i dont want to spend much more than 100 on a power supply
  3. Google "PSU calculator" to help you...
  4. As a newb myself, I thought it would be more beneficial to get a $300+ PSU and use it for a really really long time, than buy one with less wattage, then buy a new one with more wattage when I upgrade. But thats just me.
  5. Hi

    I found this 850W at Newegg for $99.00. I cannot vouch for its quality as I never heard of it. Some research would definitely be in order before checking out.

    To dragonfang18, there is no such thing as overkill the more the merrier, don't believe the hype....1200W, nice PSU.
  6. Thnx a lot starams 5 I am ordering it now. I will check the quality tomorrow. How long do i have to cancel an order with newegg?
  7. You know in case I find out that it is a bad power supply tomorrow or something. But its like 10:30 and i have school tomorrow.
  8. I would check it out before buying. A PSU of poor quality can cause some big head aches. Do a Google and check some reviews, also see if it has been tested by any hardware site for true output and efficiency. To answer your question, if you place the order tonight it won't be processed until tomorrow so yes you can cancel.
  9. From what I hear, go name brand like Corsair, silverstone, etc...
  10. Note: can youtube the PSU's and watch video reviews.
  11. That particular Fatal1ty may be. The smaller one is not.
    Sounds like it's too late to make suggestions, so we'll just see what happens.
    If it were not too late, I'd have suggested Antec, PC Power & Cooling, Corsair, Seasonic, or Enermax.
  12. I went back and read the reviews at Newegg on that PSU and they were pretty good, 75%. I then found a site where the PSU was tested and the results were pretty decent there too. I prefer name brand products as well but the Op has a Crossfire setup with a $100.00 budget for a PSU, If anyone needs a good bang for his buck I would say he qualifies.
  13. TY everybody i am making a new thread specifically about the power supply I have ordered.
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