Ethernet over SATA

The SATA speed is very good, 300MB/sec.
Gigabit ethernet is only 125MB/sec
Can 1 SATA interface be converted to 2 Ethernet 1Gbit interfaces and use those interfaces in an Etherchannel ? Is this technically possible? Or maybe such device already exist? If so, with 6 SATA ports on a good motherboard you could have 1.8GBytes/sec (14.4Gbits) transfer for a cluster node for example.
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  1. As far as I know, it doesn't exist and it would serve no purpose since there are no 1.8 Gb switches. You can use 10 Gb Ethernet cards (and switches already exist for those).
  2. 10 Gb ethernet cards are expensive, as well as 10 gb switches (>3000 $ and only 4 ports of 10 GB)

    I find a very attractive idea to implement ethernet over SATA, especially for realizing less expensive clusters.

    SATA 3 is 6 GB/s. and you can have even 10 SATA ports integrated on a motherboard. Comparatively a dual 10 gigabit adapter like Intel 10GBE Af DA 2 Port Server-PCIE NIC SFP+ costs 600$.
  3. I think it is doable, modifying only the bios and drivers.
  4. SATA works at the hardware level like HyperTransport or QPI. You would have to change up the SATA spec to work which means new BIOS/Drivers/Chipsets
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