Intel i7 gtx 285, crashing when trying to game? help

hi all first ill start with my build specs

intel i7 920
gigabyte ex58-ud3r
inno3d gtx285 1gb
cool master 650w psu
antec 902 case
wd hdd 550gb (blue one)
pioneer dvd burner
also running vista 64bit
3x2gb ddr3 kingston 1333mhz

ok well i got my pc 2 days ago and put in crysis and played for about 5minutes then my pc crashed to bsod and it said page_fault_in_not paged_area. then i tryed call of duty 5, agian same problem.. so i went back to the pc shop because originally i had only 2x2gb ram and a 550w psu so i got both of them upgraded and still happens..

help please im out of ideas? i am starting to think its a motherboard problem or gpu as i can hear a high pitch noise from the mobo i think..

first post sorry if theres not a enough info. :cry:
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  1. Temps?

    Is the kingston ram compatible with your motherboard? Make sure it is listed on the qvl.
  2. where would i find this information, i was told buy the shop it is but how do i double check?


    ps also how would i check the temps while im gaming is there a program people use?

    Unfortunately we need the model numbers of your sticks in order to determine if it is fully compatible.
  4. ill put them on there tonight and i also have them running in the white ram slots, is this correct?

    also what is the blue slot.. and i was reading that my high pitch noise is normal and cant do any damage, how do i tell if its the mobo or something else like the gpu
  5. techtony could u help me understand this chart.. i think of the top of my head i have kingston 2gb KVR1333D3N9/2G

    whats DS ?

    also im reading the placement specs to enable triple core i says install in the
    ddr3_1, ddr3_3 and ddr3_5 sockets ..

    i thought theres only 4 slots?
  6. there are only 4 slots on your board, and the ram should be in the White ones.

    Are your video drivers up to date?
  7. If you can run Prime95, your memory is not the problem.

    If you crash only in games, my guess is power, drivers, or temperatures.
  8. have you connected the power up to your graphics card?
  9. another thought - try setting your bios to fail-safe settings or just resetting the cmos - sometimes some of the 'mystery' options like reserved memory spaces etc can cause the os to try to write to memory reserved by the bios or several devices to share the same area
  10. hi thanks for the replys

    my drivers are up to date, also i checked my ram on that chart and it seems that they are the right ram.

    also it crashs while doing other things now, eg.

    when i try to start up vista and also when i was downloading the other day.

    it doesnt seem as theres a pattern, i played crysis for 2 hours yesterday gpu temp was 74c, didnt crash.

    then turned off then later that night crashed while on the web?
  11. also are these ram sticks compadibile

    i first got the kingston KVR1333D3N9K2 2x2gb kit
    then i got the kingston KVR1333D3N9 1gb kit

    theses are both the same sticks with the same 1.5v so they shouldnt casue the crash should they?
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