Dvd writer not working with any version of nero

i have a dell vostro desktop running windows 7 home premium 32 bit.my dvd writer is tsst corp TS-H653B.it used to work correctly on xp.a few weeks after i changed to win 7 the error started.wen i try to burn a dvd in nero, it would stuck at 1% for a while and then say disk burning failed. i tried nero 8,9 and 10(burnlite version).i tried many times and only once it completed without any error. but all d other times it failed

the strangest thing is tat wen i use power iso, there is no prob, it ll burn witout any error in win 7.
wats the prob. why is it happening only wit nero.
pls reply
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  1. Completely remove Nero and run a registry cleaner like CCLeaner afterwards to ensure all Nero entries are removed from your registry. Restart the system and then install Nero 9 or higher. See if that does the trick.

    BTW, Win 7 has a built-in disk burning utility. Not many bells and whistles, but doe work.

    If the first suggestion doesn't work, come back to the group and we can ponder further. Good luck!
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