Asus P6T V2 - no sound using cable from MB to monitor

I am not seeing any playback devices recognized running Windows7 x64. If I plug in a usb headset I get sound fine. Has anyone seen this problem before? I have the Asus P6T V2 motherboard. I run the standard green sound cable from the front speaker out jack to the monitor sound input jack. I have tested the cable and made sure that is not the issue. Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. Wait wait, I don't understand... are you saying that no sound comes out through the 3.5mm jack at the back of your mobo? If so, then you probably have to update all your motherboard drivers? Not just for the chipset or USB, but for the built-in audio as well.

    You should also check if your onboard sound is disabled within Device Manager.
  2. I am saying that when I have the monitor connected through the jack in the back, there is no sound playback device detected. The strange thing is that the device manager doesn't show any sound devices at all and doesn't show any misconfigured devices either.

    I have tried updating the sound driver with both windows 7 and vista 64 bit drivers from asus' support site and it keeps saying that no applicable hardware for the driver was found.

    This whole issue seems very strange to me. If built in sound card wasn't working I would assume a usb headset wouldn't work when plugged in.

    I have also verified that the built in audio is not disabled in BIOS.

    This issue starting happening a few weeks ago. I used to work fine.
  3. The problem is probably caused by windows 7. Sometimes this windows does whatever it wants and installs new drivers without asking for permission which around 90% of times screws your computer up. you can look through the windows restore point and see if restoring your computer to earlier point can fix this. If not you can install a different version of windows on a different partition to check if the audio device fuctions properly. when you are sure the problem is not the hardware at worst case you could simply reinstall windows 7.
  4. Have you connected the audio out to any other set of speakers? It could be the monitor. Also, if you are trying to run the auto out of a front audio out jack it could be a problem with the wiring from the motherboard to the front audio jack. Have you scanned for hardware changes under device manager to see if it finds a "new" device?
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